Monday, December 7, 2009

Newton's First Law

A) This is what I learned about projectile motion.  I learned that when you fire a projectile perfectly horizontally, the horizontal velocity is constant.  I also learned that the vertical velocity changes uniformly.  I learned that to best describe projectile motion, you must consider the horizontal and vertical motion separately.  This is also how to solve projectile motion problems in physics.

What I have found difficult about what I have studied is projectile motion and that is why I chose it for my blog.  Projectile motion is now my best area in physics thanks to this blog.  Learning about projectile motion in a creative way is a very effective way to look at what you are studying in physics

My problem-solving skills have definitely improved throughout this year.  My strength in problem solving is my ability to analyze what the problem is asking and how to solve.  However, over-analyzing problems is a problem for my solving problem skills.  I will try to do more than I am ask and I will get the problem wrong

B) Can you make any connection(s) between what we studied and everyday life, history, situations in the world, any other subject you are studying or your own life?

In the military, you must use all sorts of projectile motion for missiles and rockets.  In sports, such as golf, baseball, and basketball.  In hunting, you must take account the wind, and how long the shot is.


  1. The assignment is about Newton's First Law not projectile motion!
    Do not delete this reflection though... just do your another posting!

  2. Good posting I learned a lot about projectile motion, I know that you are going to do one about Newton's law soon but it is now 9 o'clock the night before it is due so I can;t wait any longer to comment on this, an I have to comment on it by 7 AM tomorrow.

    This is great information about projectile motion, I don't see anything that could possibly be needed, good job

  3. Thanks Sahil for your powerfull insight

  4. You need to change the Title of your posting!