Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Einstein quote explained

"Only a life lived for others is a life worth while"
I believe this quote means that when you are living a life for yourselves and buying unnecessary things for yourself, it is not a so luxurious life than that person would think.  Living a life for others, however, is the best life you can give because you are giving life to others.  Einstein thinks that a vain life is an unnecessary one but a life of truth and honesty is the best life you can live 


  1. I like that quote very much! Your reflection is very good.
    Where do you see 'service' playing a role in this quote?
    How about generosity and compassion?
    I would love to hear your thoughts on that!

  2. Well, I feel like some people do service for themselves and some people do it for others, so it depends why you are doing the community service. Being generous and compassionate is also living a life for others such as helping others with a tough task or even just saying, "Hey." It could possibly make their day

  3. I never used to understand this quote, until I really started to be conscious of my true nature. I used to think that it meant that we had to sacrifies ourself for other to be happy. But when I started to see, I realised that once you get rid of the ego and meet the real you, your purpose in life changes. When before I would have done things to satisfy my pride, my sense of importance to be famous...I would now sense that the purpose of the real me isn't the same purpose of who I was.
    As I realised the purity of my nature, my purpose became purer too. The purpose of the universe, of God, is to emmanate through everything and everyone, we are channels to help the universe to shine through us and share it with others. Our purpose is then to use whatever talent or way we want to channel this message. There is no rules for what you do, but you will know when the time comes. Because everybody discover their consciousness through different channel, there is no right nor wrong as long as you are one with whatever you do. Once you have found purity, you will emmanate purity. Some people becomes conscious when someone they admire set the example by being good regardless of what life throw at them. Other will find enlightment when someone help them go through a hard time. Whatever you do, you will do it for the right reason, not for your ego but for the universal goodness. You will not want to be a superstar just to be famous but to share a message, you will not want to be a policeman to feel superior but to help the community whether it is a victim or a culprit...your all purpose will change.